Listening Party: Nocturnes 'The Soft Animal'

The nice thing about being somewhat involved in a label is getting sneak previews of upcoming releases. I've been listening to the new album from Pearse McGloughlin's new project Nocturnes (a collaboration with Enda Roche) for a few weeks now, called 'The Soft Animal'. The songs are sparse and warm and haunting, and the whole record hangs together as a unified 'piece', as proper albums should. It's a beautiful record, thanks in no small part to the production skills of Sacred Animals' Darragh Nolan.

The album will be released on July 29th on Bluestack Records and Urchin Music. See Pearse's website, here, for more info, including upcoming live shows.

Pearse held a listening party in Homebeat's bright-and-airy homeground café Thirty Four (on Lennox St) last night for a small gathering of friends and friends-of-friends; here is a selection of shots from the evening.

Biggles Flys Again

I'm lucky to share a band with Conor Deasy, the man behind Biggles Flys Again. We took a short break during rehearsal on Tuesday to take advantage of the mid-morning light in one of the artist studios above our practice space and get some new press photos for BFA. (There's talk of a new single out soon...) This is my favourite:

And while I'm at it, here's my favourite Biggles song, from the first album, 'Remember Saturday':