The Future of Vinyl

Vinyl records are beautiful. Just wait 'til 20 years from now, when every home has a high-resolution 3D printer and independent labels can release files for download that let you print records yourself as soon as they're released. Artists could make their own printable vinyls using a simple conversion tool and share them with even the smallest fanbase. Surely that day is coming..?

In the meantime, you can share vinyls by coming along to Vinyl Culture in Furey's in Sligo every Friday and getting them played. Just drop us a message here or here.

A Close Encounter (sort of...)

We found this carcass on a recent hill-walk near our house. When we returned to the car, I was stunned to see a huge juvenile golden eagle, circling, harried by a pair of crows. It descended and landed near to where we’d found the carcass. I was simultaneously awed by the size and beauty of the eagle, and absolutely kicking myself that I’d left my telephoto lens at home…