Product Photography for Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is one of my favourite local design studios. Run by Sligo-based lovers of the great outdoors Elizabeth and Barry, their pieces feel natural and earthy and are beautifully, simply designed. Elizabeth called me last week about shooting some product photography for their upcoming website, which launched today. I don't think a project has ever come together so quickly! I built a small studio* in the spare room, Barry dropped over the pieces the next morning and I was able to send on the finished images to Elizabeth the following day. Here's a small selection:

Their new website is located at You'll also find their products in Shell's Café, Strandhill and the Irish Design Shop, Drury St, Dublin.

* I used a shower curtain rail & a roll of Fabriano drawing paper, propped up on a chest of drawers and old base for a single bed, for the backdrop. The room is a converted attic space so the low pitched ceiling does a great job of diffusing light. Then I just had to set up my SB600 remote flash on its stand with my trusty Lastolite umbrella. It's not the most professional-looking setup but I'm very pleased with the results.